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4 columns, max 8 posts, manual scroll

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The ePerfect eTextbook #2…

Yesterday I finally got The ePerfect eTextbook... doesn't exist up, and got some terrific feedback via the #etextbookEVO Google+ community and…
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The ePerfect eTextbook…

Background: 'Crafting the ePerfect eTextbook' eProblematization If you skip to the 'Solutions' -- PLEASE: feel free to tell me what…
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Category selected, 3 columns, 6 random posts, no excerpt, description left

[posts category="CATEGORY_SLUG" columns="3" count="6" excerpt_length="0" order="random" align="left"]TEXT[/posts]

Automatic scroll, no images

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All posts shortcode parameters

[posts category="CATEGORY_SLUG" columns="2/3/4/5/6" count="NUMBER" excerpt_length="NUMBER" order="name/new/old/random" align="left/right" thumb="0/1" scroll="MILISECONDS"][/posts]
Note that this shortcode does not display Quote and Status post formats. When no featured image set for the post, a placeholder image is used.