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Evolution = Positive Change = Good Learning = Love in Action

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Welcome to Evolutions


You can click on the rotating images above or the menu items top right and bottom left to get where you want to go.  Currently, you can go to “monster/mirror” for reflections on my teaching and program and professional development. These reflections are categorized somewhat muddily (such is life) according to the sub-menu items you’ll find on your click.  You can go to “reviews and tips” for posts about TESOL literature, educational technology tools, and WordPress items.  You can go to “My Evolution (About Me)” for my professional and blogging history.

Coming soon

As I acquire skills and time, I’ll be creating a multimedia CV here, covering professional history and publications. As posts sequence themselves into series, I’ll be creating portfolios of these. The plan is for this to be a website, my online identity, so as ideas evolve they will be created from here. Subscribe below if you wish to stay informed.