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Cool things that happened (yesterday and this morning)

Looking at the past 36 hours from the bright side...

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Thanks, Mike for the challenge to look back in joy 😉

  • Two formerly under-self-representing students stepped up to sort out tech issues for classmates repeatedly during a peer-reflection session.
  • a t-fronted approach to reviewing/presenting basic sentence structures succeeded where an inductive, s-centered, textbook-assisted one had largely failed.
  • I know it succeeded because all 17 learners handled all the subsequent exercises with each other, without me, and almost all in English, and then tweeted me and each other true stuff we didn’t know about them using each of the sentence-types.
  • The above constitutes more real written English communication in one hour (the same goes for last week, too) than I got in a whole semester the last time I taught a group of novice writers.
  • everyone laughed a lot, in a good way, in all 5 hours of classes and both meetings
  • the reflecting student-teachers discovered they had useful feedback to offer each other and that they could do it a) without threatening peer’s face and b) without needing feedback initially from me
  • collaborated with two colleagues to create several new features for a planned professional development portal site
  • In the hall during class, solved a new glitch in the “Apple/Google compatibility” (for mobile, an oxymoron) soap opera with a colleague
  • Sorted out a free google apps license for myself (anyone with their own domain can)
  • Figured out how to add a blog/siteroll to my default sidebar so I can make some friends and keep track of others’ coolness…
Cool things that happened (yesterday and this morning)
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